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What payments or purchases are excluded from earning Rewards?

There are some payments where you’ll not be able to earn Rewards, such as:

Household bill payments:

Direct Debits that are:

  • Not for your own personal household expenses
  • Not to household bill organisations, or to household bill organisations that are for ancillary services (such as maintenance, repairs or insurance)
  • We may not pay Rewards on household bill payments if you opened your account from 20th June 2017 onwards and you don’t meet the monthly criteria set out in the NatWest Personal & Private Current Account Terms

Purchases using your NatWest debit card, Reward Credit Card or Reward Black Credit Card which include:

  • Purchases which are for business purposes
  • Repaying borrowing and all bill payments, including credit card and store card bill payments
  • Purchase (including topping up) of payment cards, vouchers, foreign currency or travellers cheques 
  • Gambling transactions (including a payment to a merchant we identify as being in the business)
  • NatWest interest, fees or charges
  • Purchases which are specifically excluded from earning Rewards by the retail partner (a list of which can be found at MyRewards (opens in a new window) (under exclusions)
  • Balance transfers where we pay your debt to another financial institution and charge it to your credit card

Purchases using your NatWest debit card:

  • Cashback requested at point of sale when you made a payment using your debit card
  • Payments not in Stirling
  • Payments outside the UK