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What is a card-reader and how do I use one?

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What is a card reader?

A card reader gives you an extra level of security when using Online Banking, and you may need to use it to confirm your identity when logging in if you don’t have a mobile number, or you’ve recently updated it with us.

When you bank online, you'll also need a card reader to:

  • set up a payee
  • make a payment for the first time online
  • update any regular payments, like standing orders
  • amend the payment reference when paying a bill or company who's account details are stored within Online Banking
  • update personal details, like your mobile number, PIN, email address or password
  • manage your activity alerts

When will I need to use my card-reader

Please see When will I need to use my card-reader?

Don't have a card reader? You can order one by:

  1. Logging into your Online Banking service at (opens in a new window)
  2. Select 'Security' from the left hand menu
  3. In the 'Using a card reader' section select 'Order a card reader'

Need to make a payment or manage a standing order without a card reader?

With the NatWest app you can quickly and easily make payments and manage your regular payments without a card reader. Limits and criteria apply.

Find out more about making payments (opens in a new window) using the mobile app.

Find out more about managing standing orders (opens in a new window) using the mobile app.

How do I use a Card Reader?

For further information on card-readers see our card reader page (opens in a new window).