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You can see your account balance by logging in to Online Banking at (opens in a new window)

On Account Summary page, you can see your balance on an account card.

Recently we’ve changed the way we display your accounts and balances in Online Banking to give you a clearer view of your money.

On Current Accounts the main change you will see is the balance that was previously called your “Available balance” has changed into two separate parts:

  • Balance including pending transactions – this is now the prominent balance you will see for your current account (and will be shown in bold)
  • Arranged overdraft limit (if you have one)

What do my balances include?

  • Balance including pending transactions - This is the amount of your own money including any pending transactions outstanding. It doesn’t include cheques until they are cleared (for more detail on pending transactions and cheque clearing see below)
  • Overdraft Limit - This is your arranged overdraft limit. If you do not have one, this will not show
  • Overdraft Remaining - This shows the remaining amount of your arranged overdraft, this will only be displayed if you are using your limit
  • Account Balance - This is how much money you have in your account before any pending transactions are processed and includes uncleared cheques paid in. This was previously called ‘Today’s balance’

How will balances be displayed for all other accounts types?

For other account types such as savings, loans, mortgages and credit cards the prominent balance (in bold) is still the Account balance (which was previous called Today’s balance).

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