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The Spending feature in your mobile app has been designed to help you understand where your money goes each month, to give you Highlights of your day-to-day spending, and help you to budget.

Once you have set up Spending, you will be presented with the following tabs:

  • Categories - An automatic breakdown of your transactions into different categories. You can re-categorise your transactions at any time to further personalise your spending feature.
  • Highlights - A selection of useful Highlights of your day-to-day spending
  • Budgets - An option to set and manage budgets against the above categories.

These three areas will help you to keep track of your finances.

Note: All transactions made before sub-categories were introduced are categorised into 'Other' within each parent category. E.g. your coffee shop purchase would go into 'Eating out'- 'Other'.

Can I use Spending?

You can use Spending providing you are over the age of 16, hold a personal or premier account with us, and use our mobile app.

You will need to be registered with Online Banking, have a compatible iOS or Android device, and a UK mobile number (or an international number in specific countries).

Which of my bank accounts will I see in Spending?

You will be able to see all of your personal current accounts in Spending, as well as any joint accounts, savings accounts and credit cards. Transactions you undertake on business accounts or any accounts with other banks are not currently included. We are working to add other types of accounts and transactions in the future.

If you have multiple accounts, you can select which of these you want to see by selecting or de-selecting them in the Spending settings section. By including all of the accounts you use, this will give you the fullest view of your spending overall.

How does Spending work with joint accounts?

Any transactions made on a joint account, regardless of who is spending, will be included in your Spending view. If you are an additional card holder on a credit card account, only the main account holder will see transactions in Spending. Transactions made by your joint party on their own personal accounts will not be included.

Your joint party will not have access to any of your personalisation, re-categorisation, budget setting or insights.

How far back will I see when I use Spending?

In Spending, you will be able to see a rolling 12 month period view of all of your personal current account spending. As other account types are added in future, data may only be available from the day a new account is added.

Can I make payments using Spending

The option to make payments between your accounts or to third parties is available from the home screen of your mobile app as normal, but is not available from within the Spending tab.

Will I see my pending transactions in Spending?

All of the transactions you see in Spending will be exactly the same as you are used to in your mobile app, with both pending and posted transactions being included.

You will not be able to change the category of a pending transaction until it is fully cleared in your account.

Do I have to use Spending?

You don't have to use the Spending feature in your mobile app. Everything else in the mobile app will still work the same as it does now if you choose to use it or not.

Spending will always be there for you, should you choose to use it in the future.

Can I access Spending on multiple devices?

The Spending feature is currently only available in your mobile app, but can be used on different devices.

Spending will appear the same on all of the devices that you use the app on, including any budgets you may have set. You would need to log out and then log back in to your devices in order to show any changes made.

Can anyone else view the information held within my Spending feature in my app?

The information in Spending is only available to you. This means no one else, including joint parties or members of bank staff, will have sight of your Spending insights, the categorisation of your transactions, which accounts you have included in your view, your chosen start of month date, or any budgets you may have set, and your performance against them.

How do budgets work?

You can set a budget against any of the listed categories. All budgets are set on a rolling monthly period, but you can amend the date this starts in the settings section of the Spending tab within the mobile app.

Feel free to check your progress against budgets at any point throughout the month, using your Highlights or Budgets tabs. When your budgeting month ends, your summary for that month will be available at the bottom of the Budgets tab. A summary of any months prior to this will not be available to view.

All budgets you set are for your personal use and monitoring only. They will not affect your ability to obtain credit, nor will they stop your debit card from working if you go over budget.

What to expect when using Spending for the first time?

When accessing Spending for the first time, it may take a while to load your data. Once loaded, you will land on the categories page within the feature. The settings for your first time accessing the feature are set as default allowing you to explore the feature straight away.

The default position is all accounts being selected and the last day of the month will be the set date for when your spending period will start to track. You are able to change these settings at any time to better suit your needs by clicking the settings cog in the top right corner then choosing either 'Choose accounts' or 'Set a date'.

Why have my settings changed?

We have completed work to help improve the accuracy of your Spending feature. As a result, you may notice that your settings have been reset to the default position.

The default position is all accounts being selected and the last day of the month will be the set date for when your spending will start to track.

You can change these settings at any time to suit your needs by clicking the settings cog in the top right corner then choosing either 'Choose accounts' or 'Set a date'.

You can re-categorise any posted transaction from the last 12 month rolling period and create, amend and delete budgets at any point in time.

Why are my categories different in Spending and Carbon Tracker?

We have completed work to help improve accuracy within spending, as a result you may see transactions display in different categories between Spending and Carbon Tracker for a short period of time. We expect this issue to be resolved soon.

Why have my Highlights not updated after changing my settings?

Highlights can take a couple of hours to update after you change your settings. Please check back later for updated Highlights.

What is Highlights in the Spending Feature?

Highlights give you a personalised view into your spending and how you’re doing against the budgets you’ve set throughout the month.

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