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How can I make an international payment?

Mobile banking

You can send an international payment via Mobile Banking if you already have an international mandate set up or if you want to send a one off payment (limits apply).

If you don't have the payee already set up and you want to save their details for future use, find out How do I make an international payment using online banking?

Step by step instructions:

  1. Select the account you wish to make the payment from
  2. Select 'International payments' from the menu
  3. Select 'Choose saved payee'
  4. Select the payee name from the mandate options presented or select 'Pay someone new'
  5. Key the amount in either foreign currency or GBP as you prefer
  6. You then choose when you want the payment to arrive and which fees you need to pay
  7. You can add an optional 'Statement reference' on all payments and for some Euro payments to Europe, you can also add an optional 'Message' for the beneficiary
  8. You then check the payment details and 'Confirm payment'
  9. You then 'Read T&Cs' or 'Accept T&Cs' or 'Cancel' the payment
  10. The screen will then confirm your payment has been arranged

Online banking

You can make international payments of up to £10,000 a day through Online Banking, please see How do I make an international payment using Online Banking?

For payments of more than £10,000 or if you don't use Online Banking, you can make the payment by visiting your branch.

If you are visiting a branch you will need to bring your debit card and some ID such as a driving license or passport to make the payment.

For a same day payment, you have until 2:00pm to arrange the payment (1:30pm for urgent transfers in euros to Europe).

Fax or by post

If your payment is above £10,000 and you are unable to visit a branch then please complete either Sending a Payment to Europe (pdf, 109kb) or Sending a Payment Worldwide (pdf, 82kb) form.

Once completed and signed please send the first page only to
Payments Centre
7th Floor, Hardman Boulevard
M3 3AQ

Or Fax 0345 300 3369 (overseas +44 161 755 7806)


Cost vary from £0-£30 depending on the type of international payment requested and it's destination. Overseas bank charges may also be payable, please see our International Payments (opens in a new window) page for more information on charges.

Premier banking

If you are a Premier Banking customer, you can also make an international payment over the phone if you are enrolled for either Telephone Banking or Online Banking.