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If you need further information on how long payments take to leave/credit your account please view our Payments Support Page.

If you need more help on a payment that has left your account. Please select the payment type:

Direct debit

  • If you need to recall a Direct Debit you can find further information on our Direct Debit FAQ
  • If you haven’t authorised or agreed a Direct Debit which has left your account you can find further information on our Direct Debit Indemnity Guarantee Page
  • If you simply need to cancel a forthcoming Direct Debit you can get further information on how to do this on our Direct Debit FAQ

Standing order

Debit card payment

Bank transfer

  • Transfers – if you need to amend a Transfer you can find guidance on how to do so Online through our Online Payments FAQ
  • If you have set up a payment but the recipient has not received it or you think it may have gone to the wrong account:
  • You would firstly need to identify where the payment has gone to.
  • If you know the recipient you can contact them and arrange to have the funds returned.
  • If you do not know the recipient you will need to contact our Telephone Banking Team (opens in a new window) who will help you to follow our Payments Recall route to recover the funds.

ATM withdrawals


Cheques – you can find guidance on how to cancel or stop a cheque through our Cheque FAQ

Contactless debit card payment

  • The limit for contactless payments is £100 per transaction although some individual retailers may have their own limits
  • Contactless Payments can take up to 4 days to debit from your account and effect your available balance, some may take even longer.
  • Some Contactless Payments don’t show on your balance immediately, for further information on how this works view our supporting Contactless FAQ
  • View our Contactless Support Page (opens in a new window) for further information and guidance that may help you to avoid going into an Unauthorised Overdraft when using Contactless Payments.

Remember – you can review the various Ways to Bank (opens in a new window)to help you manage transactions on your account and notify you when these change – including Debits and Payments.

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