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A number of branches have a Cash & Deposit Machine which lets you perform more functions than a normal Cash Machine.

You can use your bank card or credit slip to pay in up to 50 cheques and 50 notes in cash. A £3,000 daily limit and a £24,000 annual limit applies to cash deposits.

What transactions can be carried out at a Cash & Deposit Machine (CDM)?

To use the Cash & Deposit Machine:

  1. Enter your credit slip, or bank card followed by your card PIN
  2. Select 'Payments and Transfers' from the screen
  3. Select the option that you are wanting to perform

The options appearing on screen are:

  • Pay in with slip
  • Pay in with card
  • Transfer between my accounts
  • Bill payment with slip
  • Make a payment

Deposits made before 3.30pm on a working day (Monday to Friday except Bank Holidays) will be processed on that day.

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