How can we help you?

Log in to our mobile app and click on ‘Help’ along the bottom taskbar. Then click "Chat to Cora", which will start a secure message message enquiry. Cora our digital assistant is there to help you or guide you to the right team to support your query.

Am I speaking to a human?

Most queries will be answered by Cora, our digital assistant. If Cora can’t answer your question, you will be transferred to one of our messaging colleagues or offered Tap to Call to speak to our telephony team.

What sort of questions can I ask 24/7 Messaging?

Any general banking queries you like, including those relating to our other services e.g. how do I tell the bank I’m travelling abroad? How do I use 'Get Cash'?

Can I use 24/7 Messaging to manage my money?

No. For 24/7 transactions and payments, we recommend you visit our website to see how the app can help make your banking easy.

Ask Cora

Cora can help you with a wide range of queries and show you how to do your banking.

Available 24/7

Find Cora in the mobile app, Online Banking or our website