How can we help you?

You can make a payment to your credit card:

  • Using our Mobile App or Online Banking by selecting Pay my card (App available to customers with compatible iOS and Android devices and a UK or international mobile number in specific countries. Online Banking available to customers aged 11+ with a NatWest account.)
  • Making a payment from your NatWest current account using Online Banking/ Mobile App
    • Select account you wish to make the payment from
    • Click on ‘Pay’
    • Select ‘Make a payment’
    • Under ‘Select Payee’ choose ‘Pay someone new’
    • In ‘Payee Name’ type NatWest
    • Select the option that includes the first digits of your credit card number
  • Setting up a Direct Debit in the Mobile app
    • Select your credit card
    • Select pay my card
    • Select Set up a Direct Debit
  • Setting up a Direct Debit in Online Banking
    • Select 'Cards' from the left-hand menu  
    • From the 'Manage your credit card' menu, select 'Set up a direct debit'

If you do not bank with us you can go to your debit card provider to make a payment either through their online facility or over the phone.

You can also make a payment via post to the address shown on your statement. Complete and return the bank giro slip on the bottom of your credit card statement along with a cheque.

If you are unable to use any of the options above please contact our team, please be aware we are experiencing high call volumes and please be prepared for an extended wait time. 

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