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An executor account is an account which allows the executor(s) to gather payments due to the deceased's estate before being distributed to the beneficiaries, such as the proceeds from the sale of a house.

This type of account also allows payments to be made on behalf of the deceased, such as a payment for maintenance of a house belonging to the deceased's estate.

To open an executor Account, you will need to have a Grant of Representation (England or Wales) or Confirmation (Scotland).

What steps do I need to take to open an executor account?

Firstly you will need to open an everyday bank account. You can do this online (opens in a new window). To apply, you need to be 18+ and a UK resident.

Once the account is open you can complete an Executor(s)/Administrator(s) Account mandate form (opens in a new window) in order to change the account to an executor account. Once completed drop this off at your local branch with a form of photo identification and proof of address.

If you need to add additional administrators to the account, you can do this with us via our website (opens in a new window). Or complete an Add a New Party to Account form (opens in a new window) and drop it off in branch.

Once completed, take these forms into your local branch with the deceased’s will, death certificate or Grant of Representation (England or Wales) or Confirmation (Scotland).

If you do not have a Grant of Representation (England or Wales) or Confirmation (Scotland), the Executor Account can still be opened, however, you will only be able to pay out the final funeral bill and receive payments. You will not be able to make any other outgoing payments from the account).

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