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You are able to search transactions on your account using your Online Banking.

You can view and search your transactions and statements going back 7 years using Online Banking, provided of course that your account has been open throughout that period.

Searching for a particular transaction

  1. Log in to (opens in a new window)
  2. Select 'Statements & transactions' from the main menu
  3. Then from the 'Your transactions' section click on 'View transactions'
  4. Follow the on screen instructions.

You can search through your statements by transaction type, date, description or amount.

You can now also save and print a copy of your transactions. Using the search options to set what you'd like to make a copy of, either to export or print. You can select the format to export your transactions to, including Excel and PDF.

Download the PDF of a Particular Transaction on Mobile

  1. Log in to your NatWest app
  2. Select the account you want to view
  3. Select the transaction you want a PDF for
  4. Select 'Create PDF' - choose how you would like this to be saved and/or sent

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