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Yes, you can apply to change your account at any time. If you currently have a Foundation account, you may be able to change after you have been using your account for 6 months.

If you decide to change your account, you can do so via our website or our mobile app – please follow the steps below on how to do this.

Once you’ve completed these steps, your account will be converted within 5 working days so look out for an email from us letting you know that your account has been changed.

Changing your account via our website

You can change your account online, just visit our current accounts page.

  1. First, take a look at our range of current accounts. Specific account eligibility criteria apply. Monthly fees may apply.
  2. After choosing your preferred account option, please follow the steps to apply for that account.
  3. When applying, make sure to choose the ‘change my existing account’ option and follow the instructions to complete our application form.

Changing your account via our mobile app (app criteria apply)

You’ll first need to log into your mobile banking app. When in the app, please follow the steps below.

  1. Click the ‘Apply’ tab along the bottom of your screen and then select the ‘Current Accounts’ tile.
  2. We’ll then show you our range of current accounts where you can use the ‘View account’ button for more info. Specific account eligibility criteria apply. Monthly fees may apply.
  3. Once you’ve reviewed the current account options, you can then choose the account you wish to change to and choose ‘Continue’.
  4. We’ll then ask you some questions which you’ll need to complete before filling out our application form.

What to do if you’re unable to change your account online or via our mobile app

If you’re unable to apply online or via our mobile app and are looking to change to our Select or Reward account, you can give us a call using the telephone number on the back of your card and we’ll be able to help.

Changing to our Reward Silver, Reward Platinum or Reward Black accounts are only available via our website and mobile app. Specific account eligibility criteria apply. Monthly fees may apply.

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