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There are some payments where you’ll not be able to earn Rewards, such as:

Purchases using your NatWest debit card, Reward Credit Card or Reward Black Credit Card which include:

  • Purchases which are for business purposes
  • Repaying borrowing and all bill payments, including credit card and store card bill payments
  • Purchase (including topping up) of payment cards, vouchers, foreign currency or travellers cheques 
  • Gambling transactions (including a payment to a merchant we identify as being in the business)
  • NatWest interest, fees or charges
  • Purchases which are specifically excluded from earning Rewards by the retail partner (a list of which can be found at MyRewards (opens in a new window) (under exclusions)
  • Balance transfers where we pay your debt to another financial institution and charge it to your credit card

Purchases using your NatWest debit card:

  • Cashback requested at point of sale when you made a payment using your debit card
  • Payments not in Sterling
  • Payments outside the UK



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