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With your Black or Reward Black Account you have 24/7 cover up to £750 (including VAT) for home emergency call-out and repair. Cover is for the account holders main and second home in the UK (excluding properties you rent out). Exclusions apply.

What's covered? - We've sourced local tradesman to fix plumbing problems, gas or electricity failure, water failure, and broken or damaged windows.

What's excluded?  - Boilers over 10 years old, or with an output over 75kw. Homes unoccupied for more than 60 consecutive days.

This is not a home insurance policy, nor a maintenance contract.

You don't need to pay the tradesman as we will instruct the repairers.

Call our home emergency service for help or to make a claim.

Membership Services - Black Account
0345 601 7188
overseas: +44 2392 660 340
Minicom: 0345 600 0512
Open Monday to Friday 8am - 8pm (excluding bank holidays), Saturday 9am - 5pm

To have access to your Account benefits you need to register and then sign in at Membership Services (opens in a new window).

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