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You can cancel your regular overpayment being added to you Direct Debit yourself quickly, safely and easily by using our online self service platform 'Manage my Mortgage'.

Once you've logged in, select 'My payments and services' from the main menu, 'My payments' and then 'Make a payment'. In the regular overpayment section, set your payment amount to £0.01, this will cancel any existing overpayment arrangement you have with us. We'll send you confirmation once this request has been completed.

You can find 'Manage my mortgage' in the NatWest app or Online Banking. If you haven't used them yet, here's some guidance (opens in a new window) on how to access them. It doesn't matter whether you have other NatWest accounts or just a mortgage. Using the app saves the need for a one-time passcode each time you want to see your mortgage.

If an App isn't for you, you can use Manage your Mortgage (opens in a new window) where you can just see your mortgage account using a one-time passcode.

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