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Yes! Apple Pay is now available if your child is 13 years or older. Google Pay to follow soon.

To connect the Rooster Card to Apple Pay you will first need to make sure your child is logged into their own profile on the desired device and follow the below instructions:

  1. Click the Card on their homepage
  2. Click ‘Card Settings’ and then ‘Get Ready for Apple Pay’
  3. They will then see a screen in-app with the checklist that they need to complete to add their Rooster Card to the Apple Pay wallet


Before you start:

To connect your child’s Rooster Card to Apple Pay you will first need to make sure that:

  • Your child is 13 years or older (you can read about how to verify your child’s age here)
  • Your child has their own Apple ID
  • The device your child will be using is verified on your NatWest Rooster Money app (you can read about how to verify your child's device here)
  • Your child’s NatWest Rooster Money app has been on their device for at least 30 days
  • Your child’s name on their NatWest Rooster Money profile is an exact match to the name on their Apple ID (if the name of your child is different in the app you can learn how to edit this here)


Verify your child’s phone number:

As part of the Apple Pay set-up checklist your child will also need to verify their phone number, this can be done via the child's profile by following these steps:

  1. In their own profile your child needs to select ‘Menu’ and then 'Confirm your Phone Number'
  2. On the next screen they should enter their phone number
  3. They will then be sent a One Time Password to enter in order to verify their phone number


Verifying your child’s phone number is only required to confirm that the device they are using is their own device, NatWest Rooster Money does not store this phone number once the device has been verified.

Your child can edit or update their phone number in the app by logging into their profile, then selecting Menu > My Settings > Profile settings to view and change their phone number.


Once you’ve completed the actions on the checklist, your child will be Apple Pay ready.

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