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How much can I overpay on my mortgage?

Overpayment restrictions do not apply if you are on a Standard Variable Rate.

Depending on the terms for your current mortgage and if you are on a tracker or fixed rate deal, overpaying more than 10% of your outstanding balance in any one year may trigger an Early Repayment Charge. If you are considering overpaying by more than 10% in any one year please call us. To check your term please refer to your most recent mortgage statement you can check this online by logging into Manage Your Mortgage. This service is available from 7am to 12am Midnight. The information shown is updated overnight, so may not include any changes to your mortgage balance today.

To sign in you will need your mortgage account number, your surname, date of birth and the mortgaged property's postcode. You will automatically be registered to manage your mortgage online.

If you would like to make an overpayment less than 10%, then there are two main ways to make an overpayment into your mortgage, either by making a lump sum payment or by making regular extra monthly overpayments. You can use our overpayment calculator (opens in a new window) to work out how much you could save by making either regular extra monthly payments or paying a lump sum to your capital repayment mortgage.

Log in to manage your mortgage (opens in a new window). Once you are signed in you will need to scroll down to 'Further options' and select 'Make or change a payment'.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage