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What do I do if something has gone wrong with a payment into my account?

If you have had a problem with a payment going into your account, please see the following:

I am waiting for a Cheque Credit to go into my account

I am waiting for a payment or transfer to go into my account

If you need further information on how long payments take to credit your account please view our Transactions Support Page

I paid cash in at a Cash & Deposit Machine (CDM) but it hasn’t reached my account

I need information on paying cash in at a Post Office

Remember – you can review the various Ways to Bank (opens in a new window) to help you manage transactions on your account and notify you when these change – including Credits.

You can also find general information about Branch and Telephone Banking Services (opens in a new window) or Online Banking (opens in a new window) on our support pages.

If you still need some more information or have questions around problems with Credits to your account(s) you can speak to our online helpdesk:

Online banking helpdesk
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