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The ability to download midata from your Online Banking service is an initiative led by HM Treasury to give you better access to and control over the electronic personal data that companies hold about you.

Once downloaded, your midata file will provide you with your current account information which can then be uploaded to participating price comparison websites.

On the price comparison websites you can then view a list of current accounts which may be available to you, and how much each would cost, or give you back.

This will help you understand if your present current account offers you the best value. The calculation includes charges and benefits of current accounts available to you.

Before you download midata please make sure you read our privacy statement (opens in a new window) which will provide you with further information.

To access midata online:

Please note: If you use an iPad or iPhone to log in to Online Banking you will not be able to download midata, however you will be able to do so using an Android device.

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