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If you want to make a payment to someone new and save their account details for future use, or if you want to make a payment for more than £1000, you need to log in to Online Banking, add a new payee and make the first payment using your card-reader. The new payee will then appear in your list of payees in the iPad app.

If, however, you want to make a one-off payment of up to £1000or a one off International payment up to the value of £1000 (subject to limits), you can use 'Pay someone new' in the Mobile app in the 'Payments' section. The account details of your payee will not be saved for future use.

There is a limit of £1000 that you can send in this way on each day, and you can make a maximum of 20 payments in any 4 working day period.

What is 'Pay someone new?'

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