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If you have had a problem with a payment going into your account, please see the following:

I am still waiting for a Cheque Credit to go into my account

You can find information on our Cheque Clearing Cycle along with timescales on our 'how long does it take for a cheque to clear' FAQ, and specific guidance on international cheques.

I am still waiting for a payment or transfer to go into my account

If you need further information on how long payments take to credit your account, please view 'how long will a payment or transfer take to arrive'.

I paid cash in at a Cash & Deposit Machine (CDM) but it hasn’t yet reached my account

You can get details of how CDMs work and the timescales associated with payments into your account through our 'what transactions can be carried out at a CDM' FAQ.

We also have general information on 'how to use CDMs'.

I need some information on paying cash in at a Post Office

You can find further information on the Post Office deposit process on our 'when will cash paid in at the Post Office show' FAQ, as well as on how to use the Post Office to manage your account (opens in a new window).

Why was my account was debited with a Business Quick Deposit (BQD) difference?

Sometimes cash may be counted away from branch premises. Any differences will be adjusted and notified to the customer within 5 working days of pay-in.

BQD wallets contain two separate pockets. You should put notes and coin in the larger pocket (which is sealed) and any cheques (up to a maximum of £150 per credit) plus the bank giro credit in the other. You then:

  1. Fill in details of the pay-in together with account information in the space provided on the outside of the wallet.
  2. Drop the wallet into a Quick Deposit Unit (QDU) or Automated Deposit Unit (ADU) situated in the Banking Hall. Where a QDU or ADU is not available, you can hand the wallet over the counter
  3. Remove the 'tear-off portion' and keep it for your records. The cashier can stamp this at the counter where a formal receipt is required when you hand over the wallet.

For deposits banked before 3.30 pm (Monday to Friday), cash will be credited to the account that day with the cheques going forward for processing in the normal way subject to the standard clearing cycle. For deposits received after the 3.30pm cut-off this process will start on the next working day.

Remember, you can review the various Ways to Bank (opens in a new window) to help you manage transactions on your account and notify you when these change – including credits.

You can also find general information about branch and telephone banking services (opens in a new window) or online banking (opens in a new window) on our support pages.

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