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If your property purchase doesn't go through after you have closed your Help to Buy: ISA, you can re-instate your funds into a new Help to Buy: ISA to carry on saving towards your first home. To do this:

  1. Your solicitor or conveyancer will give you a document called a Purchase Failure Notification confirming your property purchase did not complete – you will need this.
  2. You will need to open a new Help to Buy: ISA account by completing the Account Opening Form (PDF, 218KB) and returning it.
  3. Complete and return the Help to Buy: ISA Reinstatement Request form (PDF, 82KB) enclosing the Purchase Failure Notice. You are allowed to pay back in the same amount held when your original account was closed and these funds will not count as new subscriptions made towards your annual ISA allowance. As an example if you held £2,000 in your Help to Buy: ISA, you can pay back in £2,000.
  4. Upon receipt of your reinstatement request we will check the details and then pay back in the lump sum requested.
  5. You can carry on savings up to £200 per month in your Help to Buy: ISA until you're ready to buy your first home.

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