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I saved the wrong information on a receipt. How do I edit this?

You can edit a receipt from the receipt list or from the receipt itself:

  1. On the receipt list, swipe to the left on the receipt you want to change and select the 'Edit' option.
  2. When the receipt is open, tap on the 'Edit' icon on the tab bar at the bottom of your screen. You'll then be able to make changes to the key receipt information.

Can I edit information on electronic and paper receipts?

You can edit key information, including merchant, date and total on any receipt in your receipt list.

Why do some electronic banking receipts show me an 'Enter Receipt Info' screen?

Occasionally, we are not able to get one of the key pieces of information from an email receipt. When that happens, you'll see that the receipt needs attention in the 'Notification Centre' along the bottom of the receipts list screen.

The next time you open that receipt, the 'Enter Receipt Info' prompt will appear. Just enter any missing information and save the receipt as normal.

To learn more about our Receipt Management feature and how it could help you, please visit our dedicated Receipts pages. If you’re a Premier customer visit our Premier Receipts page (opens in a new window), Business customers visit our Business Receipts page (opens in a new window).

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