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What are folders in the receipt feature of my mobile app?

Folders enable you to group related receipts together so that you can easily review and export them. Here are some examples of how this might be useful to you:

  • If you need to know how much you spend on fuel each month, you can put all your fuel receipts in one folder. You can export and reconcile them by date to work out how much fuel has cost over a given period
  • If you have a special project on the go, such as a refit of a premise or a number of activities for a single client, you can batch the receipts into a folder to make it easier to work out the total cost of the project

What are notes in the receipt feature of my mobile app?

For each receipt you can add free-form notes about the purchase. You can even enter hashtags, just like with Twitter and Instagram, to assign labels to certain types of receipts.

Any hashtags that you used previously will start to pre-fill as soon as you type '#' in the 'Notes' field, so you can use the same labels consistently for easy searches.

Why do some receipts on the receipt list in my mobile app have little chevrons on them?

Whenever you capture images of an itemised paper receipt and a paper payment receipt for the same transaction, we will link the two images together as a single receipt in your list. This way you can avoid duplicates of the same transaction, but still capture both in case you need them for expense handling.

Why am I getting a duplicate warning in the receipt feature on my mobile app?

When you capture two receipts with the same key information of merchant, date, time and total, we will recognise these as duplicates of one another.

Occasionally, you may really have duplicate transactions and you want to keep both. This would most likely happen when there isn't a time posted on the receipt. In that case, you can tell us in the app that you want to keep the duplicate and we'll stop showing the warning.

To learn more about our Receipt Management feature and how it could help you, please visit our dedicated Receipts pages. If you’re a Premier customer visit our Premier Receipts page (opens in a new window), Business customers visit our Business Receipts page (opens in a new window).

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