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How can I add email receipts to the receipts feature of my mobile app?

The receipts feature allows you to forward email receipts across to the app.

To do this click on 'Create Email Receipt' inside the receipt feature and set up your email address. Once this is done, you can forward any receipts to the receipt email address and it will be added to your receipt list. If you ever forget your receipt email address, you can find it at the top of the receipts list screen.

I forwarded an electronic receipt to my receipt email address, but I can't see it in the receipts feature of my mobile banking app?

You should double check the email address you have used and make sure that it's the same as the email address at the top of the receipts list screen in the mobile app.

If the email address is correct it may be a problem with connectivity so please try forwarding the receipt again. It may take a few minutes to process your receipt.

Will I be able to view receipts captured using the mobile app in my Online Banking?

No. Receipts can currently only be captured and viewed using the mobile app. The app does give you the option to export receipts in desktop friendly formats such as PDF and Excel.

How can I search through my receipts in the mobile app?

From the receipt list, tap on the magnifying glass icon in your top right hand corner. Once you start typing in the search bar that appears, any matching receipts will begin to appear below.

The search options are flexible. You can search by merchant, item name, totals on the receipt or even by the notes you entered about the receipt.

To learn more about our Receipt Management feature and how it could help you, please visit our dedicated Receipts pages. If you’re a Premier customer visit our Premier Receipts page (opens in a new window), Business customers visit our Business Receipts page (opens in a new window).

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