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Receipts is available to business and Premier current account customers using our iPhone or Android app.

How do I export and share receipts from my mobile app?

To export your receipts:

  1. 'Select' the receipts you want to export or 'Select All' receipts from your receipt list.
  2. An option will appear to export the receipt summary information in CSV or XLS format, and ask if you want to export the receipt images as PDFs.
  3. The information you choose will be zipped as a single file that you can access from your 'Recent Exports' list.

It can take time to export a file, and the more files in the export, the longer it can take. If nothing happens when you tap on the export file, it's likely the export has not finished processing. Come back to this screen at a later time to try again.

If you want to share receipts, tap on an exported file in the 'Recent Exports' list and you'll be able to share it using the standard 'Share' tools on your phone. The sharing icon is on the the right side of the file in the list, below the date.

We recommend exporting your receipts and backing them up on a regular basis.

Why is my receipt export no longer appearing in the export list on my mobile app?

Only the most recent four exports are shown in the list. If you need to create multiple exports, make sure you pick them up from the 'Recent Exports' list regularly.

Also, remember that the export files are stored for two weeks from when they were created. If the export is no longer there, you may need to create a new export with the receipts you are looking for.

To learn more about our Receipt Management feature and how it could help you, please visit our dedicated Receipts pages. If you’re a Premier customer visit our Premier Receipts page (opens in a new window), Business customers visit our Business Receipts page (opens in a new window).

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