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I am struggling financially, what do I do?

We understand that sometimes people struggle financially. It feels scary and you’re tempted to ignore the situation, hoping things will improve. If you can identify with any of these warning signs don’t delay – it’s time to ask for help:

  • You're worried about money and paying back what you owe - your debts feel like a huge burden
  • You're dealing with difficult circumstances which are making it harder for you to manage your money
  • You're regularly spending more than you earn
  • You're struggling to pay your mortgage, rent, your utility bills, or minimum payments on your credit cards
  • You can't manage your day to day spending without relying on your credit card
  • Your cards are at the maximum credit limit
  • You're being contacted about unpaid bills and missed payments

When contacting us about your situation it is highly likely we will ask you to complete an Income & Expenditure form that details all of your income and all of your outgoings.

We ask you to fill in one of these forms so we have a better understanding of your current situation.

When completing the form it is important to be aware that. You will need to be as accurate as possible to give a true reflection of your situation. We can then look at what available solutions we can offer that suit you. 

For further information on what to include within the Income & Expenditure form please see What is an Income & Expenditure form?

We’re here to help. If you want to speak to our dedicated team please click the ‘Chat Now’ below button to discuss further. 

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