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Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) regulatory guidance means we need to capture and record your consent to stay on quarterly statements. We're asking for this consent via SMS, email or letter depending on what information we hold, so please check we have a valid and up-to-date email address and mobile number for you.

We'll need you to respond otherwise we’ll switch you to monthly statements.

If you're not sure what details we have on record, log into Online Banking and click on "Your Details" in the main menu. You'll then see the email address and mobile phone number we have for you.

Why are you contacting me about my statements?

In May and June 2018, we’re contacting customers who receive quarterly paper statements for their current and savings accounts in May 2018. You’ll need to get in touch with us to confirm that you want to remain on quarterly paper statements and if you don’t, we’ll have to move you to monthly paper statements by your August 2018 statement date.

What are my options to get my statements and which accounts can I switch to paperless?

You can either keep getting statements quarterly or move to monthly. Alternatively, you can log into Online Banking to move to online statements if you prefer. If you don't have Online Banking, you can register here (opens in a new window).

You can visit our dedicated page to find out more about going paperless (opens in a new window), and find out more about which accounts you can switch to paperless here (opens in a new window).

What do I do if I receive a SMS/text message?

Please respond "YES" to the message if you want to remain on quarterly paper statements. We will have sent you a previous message advising you that it’s NatWest contacting you so you can be sure you’re not being scammed.

We'll send the first message to assure you that it's not a scam and advising why we are contacting you. It will also tell you that we’ll send another message that you can reply to. This is to make it clear that you are not being scammed and will give you guidance on how to respond. If we have not received a response, we’ll try and contact you again to make sure you have registered your preference.

How do I order additional statements or turn off paper statements?

Can I order both paper statements and Online Banking statements?

No, not for the same account but you may have multiple accounts on paper/paperless and choose how often you get your statements. Click here (opens in a new window) to switch them all to paperless.

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