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Is there further information on the reason codes for cheques that are unpaid?

Yes please find information and guidance on our most commonly used reason codes below.

Please be aware that for code '2: Refer to Drawer - Please Represent', you don't need to do anything as we'll try to get the payment again and be in touch if there's anymore problems.

For the rest of the codes, you'll need to contact the person who gave you the cheque, to either get a new cheque or ask for a new method of payment.

CodeDescriptionWhat does this mean?
1Refer to DrawerWe've not been able to pay the cheque. There could be a number of reasons, including there not being enough money person's account who wrote the cheque.
2Refer to Draw - Please RepresentWe've not been able to pay the cheque. Cheques will be automatically represented a maximum of twice, after the second occasion if the cheques is not paid we will not represent for payment.
4Not signed in accordance with mandateThe cheque hasn't been signed correct e.g. the wrong person signed the cheque.
6Payment stoppedThe person who sent the cheque has asked their bank to put a 'stop' on the cheque so it isn't paid.
14Account closedThe person who gave you the cheque has closed their account, which was completed before the cheque was given for payment.
16No accountThe bank that the cheque is written on cannot find an account for the person who has given you the cheque.
18Post-datedThe cheque that's been given to you, has been written with a future date on it and cannot currently be presented for payment.
19Out of dateThe cheque that you've paid in was written more that six months ago and is considered out of date, so cannot be paid.
20Words and figures differThe cheque that you've paid in has been written incorrectly as the amount written in words and figures do not match.
23Cheque incompleteThe cheque that you've paid in has not been completed correctly for example not all of the required fields have been filled in, so this cheque cannot be paid.
42Poor image qualityThe cheque image which the cheque issuers bank have received is not of sufficient quality to allow them to confirm it's valid and can be paid.
45Payee, courtesy or legal amount illegibleThe payee name or amount on the image of the cheque is not clear which means that the payment cannot be made to you.
46Wrongly deliveredThe image of the cheque has been sent to the wrong bank which means that the payment cannot be made to you.