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Spending budget will allow the main card holder to set up a daily or monthly spending budget on their Mastercard credit card via your mobile app.

By selecting ‘Mange my card’ under your credit card> then select ‘Spending budget’ you will be able to choose the amount and frequency of your Spending budget.

You will see your Spending budget set up instantly

Will transactions decline if I reach the set Spending budget and how will I be notified

No, if you reach your Spending budget which you have arranged within the time frame set, you will receive a push notification or SMS to advise the transaction has been authorised but it has taken you over your daily or monthly credit card Spending budget

When will the budget reset if I have set a daily / monthly budget

A monthly budget will run up to the last day of the month from the day arranged. The next month the budget will run from 1st to the last day of the month

A daily budget will run to 23.59pm the day arranged. The next day the budget will run from 00.00am to 23.59pm

Will pre authorized transactions like hotels or car hire be included in the Spending budget arranged?

Yes, the amount held by the merchant will be included in the Spending budget. If the amounts differ from the actual transaction amount, the final amount that clears your account will be the final amount included in the spending budget

Will I be able to change or delete my Spending budget at any time?

Yes, customers will be able to amend or delete a Spending budget at any time. If the Spending budget amount is changed, the spend budget remaining balance will not change, ie set monthly budget for £100, customer spends £60, remaining budget will be £40, customer amends spend budget to £150 and customer spend will stay as £60 and remaining balance will be £90 until customer completes more transactions

How will I see the remaining balance of my arranged Spending budget

You will be able to view the remaining Spending balance within the mobile app by selecting ‘Manage my Card’ and then ‘Spending Budget’

If I lose my card will the Spending budget be applied to my new card

When you receive the new card, the budget set will still be in place. However the spend to date will be reset to zero and the remaining balance (amount left) will be the full budget amount.

What is the min/max amount a Spending budget can be set up for?

Spending budget can be set  for a min of £1 (€1) and the maximum of the credit limit of your credit card

Can I set up more than one Spending budget at a time

No, currently only one Spending budget can be set up on their credit card

Will the total balance of my Spending budget include the most recent transaction

There may be times where the remaining budget may appear inaccurate; this is due to certain transactions i.e.  contactless, this will not accumulate until the transaction is complete

If I remove and then later sets up a new budget for the same frequency will any transactions counted against the previous budget be applied to the ‘new’ budget?

Yes, the new budget will then calculate the previous transactions and readjust to show a new balance

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