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I have received a Default Notice, what should I do?

Default notices are sent when your account has fallen behind on payment, please make a payment as soon as possible to restore your account for the amount advised on your default notice.

To make a payment using online banking see How do I make a payment using Online Banking?


For instructions on how to make a payment using the mobile app see How do I make a payment or transfer using the mobile app?


To make a payment to your Credit Card see How to pay your credit card

If you are unable to make a payment and are struggling financially, further help and support can be found on our Financial Support pages

Already on a repayment plan?

We have a number of different repayment plans, some of which still require the issuing of letters which may include default, termination and/or formal demand notices.

When agreeing a repayment plan we will tell you about the letters that you should expect to receive and this will also be advised in your confirmation letter so please refer to this and check to see if any further action is required on your part.

If you feel that you have received a letter in error or have further questions then please contact us to discuss