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As an existing loan customer, you have two options available if you’re looking to take out additional borrowing:

Option 1- Replace an existing loan with a new, larger loan at our current rates.  We'll automatically close 1 existing loan selected by you as part of the new loan application process.If you have more than 1 existing loan you are refinancing you would need to manually pay this off.

This will trigger an Early Repayment Charge (ERC) which you’ll need to consider when working out your most cost-effective option. You can see how much this would cost before deciding, go into your loan in the app and tap 'payment options' and follow the instructions to obtain an early settlement quote.

Option 2- Open an additional loan at our current rates and keep your old loan at its original rate.

For more information, to check eligibility or to apply you can visit our Additional Borrowing page (opens in a new window).

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