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A direct debit will take effect from your next statement, so you'll need to manually make a payment for the current month if you haven't already done so. The direct debit will reflect in the mobile app up to 4 days later.

Will I be able to choose the payment amount?

Yes, you'll be able to choose to pay a set amount each month. However if the minimum payment due in any month is greater than the set amount, we will collect the minimum amount detailed on the statement instead.

Will I receive confirmation the direct debit has been set up?

Yes, you'll get a letter within 5 working days confirming your direct debit has been set up, along with a copy of the direct debit guarantee.

Is there a cut off point when customers are unable to set up a direct debit for that month?

This will depend on your statement date. You'll see on the form you complete: “This new Direct Debit instruction will be effective for the payment of your next statement. Therefore please ensure you make a payment to your NatWest credit card by an alternative method for the payment due on your current statement”.

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