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The APP Scam Code applies to:

  • All personal customers
  • Charities with an annual income of less than £1 million
  • Micro-enterprises – an enterprise which employs fewer than 10 people and whose annual turnover and annual balance sheet total does not exceed €2 million

The APP Scam Code does not cover:

  • Any payments completed before the APP Scam Code comes into force on 28 May 2019
  • Any disputes relating to unauthorised payments (such as where you haven't consented to the payment) or other payments which aren't related to an APP Scam. This is a fraud and will be covered by other regulation
  • Commercial disputes, for example, where you've paid a legitimate supplier for goods, services or digital content but have not received them, or they are in some way defective
  • Payments made overseas. The APP Scam Code applies to UK customers and UK Sterling payments only

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