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A Statement of Fees is a document that gives you an overview of the fees you’ve paid on your current account over the year. This includes things like your account fees and overdraft fees as well as interest you’ve paid.

Why have you sent me a Statement of Fees?

To comply with regulations, payment service providers need to send a Statement of Fees to their customers at least once a year, for every current account they hold. So, we’ll send you a yearly Statement of Fees instead of an Annual Account Summary. This should also make it easier to compare current accounts between payment service providers.

What is a Statement of Fees?

Your Statement of Fees will include a summary of the fees and interest you’ve paid over the year. It also has some extra sections to explain exactly what you’ve paid fees for. This includes ‘Cash and Cards’, ‘Payments’, ‘Other Services’ like cancelling a cheque, and ‘Overdraft and related services’.

When will I receive my Statement of Fees?

For every current account you have with us, we’ll send you a Statement of Fees once a year around the date you opened your current account. This could mean you get your next Statement of Fees soon, depending on when you opened your account.

How will you send me my Statement of Fees?

Depending on your preferences you'll receive your Statement of Fees either in paper or electronically to your Online Banking Mailbox found within both Online Banking and our Mobile app.

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What happens if I change the type of current account I have with you?

As long as you keep the same account number and sort code, changing the type of current account you have won’t affect your Statement of Fees. You’ll still only get one Statement of Fees every year which will show the changes you’ve made to your account and give you an overview of the fees and interest you’ve paid over the year.

Will I still receive my regular bank statements?

Yes, you’ll keep getting your bank statements as usual.

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