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There are two different types of overdraft alerts.

An Act Now Alert will tell you if your account is going to enter an unarranged overdraft to give you time to pay in money and possibly avoid your payment(s) being returned unpaid.  

An Arranged Overdraft Alert will tell you if you are about to start using your arranged overdraft or, if you spent money during the previous day, that you have started using your arranged overdraft. 

When will I receive these alerts?

If you meet the criteria for being issued an alert, you will receive this before 12 noon.

How many times a day will you send alerts?

Normally you will receive only one alert for your account in a day. However, in some circumstances, you may receive more than one.

What happens if I stop the alerts?

If you stop overdraft alerts, you won't be notified if a transaction may either result in you entering an arranged overdraft and starting to incur interest or if you are entering an unarranged overdraft and may have one or more items returned unpaid, adversely affecting your credit record.

How do I know the alerts are from you and are not fraudulent?

Overdraft Alerts will never ask you to contact a specific number, email anyone or transfer funds. You can also check your account balance to see that the alert is accurate.

Instead of text alerts can I receive email notifications?

Yes. You can receive either or both. You can update preferences using the Mobile App or Online Banking.

I don’t have a mobile so how will you alert me?

You can also enrol for email alerts.

How do I know/find out I am enrolled or not?

You can check if you are enrolled by using the Mobile App, through online banking, by calling Direct Banking or in branch.

Will I receive any charges for these alerts, by you or my mobile provider?

No, you won't.

Will I receive charges if I'm abroad, by you or my mobile provider?

No, you won't.

Why have I/must I be automatically enrolled?

This is as a result of guidance from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to help customers avoid unnecessary charges. You can do this through the Mobile App, through online banking, by calling Direct Banking or in branch. You may stop these messages but should be aware that doing this may result in you paying more interest or charges than necessary and, if you have items returned unpaid, may also adversely affect your credit record.

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