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Where do I find the link to the Online Banking application form for Business customers?

Start by accessing the Business Banking Ways to Bank web-page and there click on “Register for Online Banking”.

You can also access the direct link - set up Online Banking (opens in a new window).

You will be asked to validate your identity as a Business customer. If this does not work, make three attempts and you will be redirected to the online application form.

What information do I need before starting to fill the form in?

Please ensure that you have all the information required before starting the application as you cannot exit the form before submitting. Doing that will cause you to lose your progress and you will have to re-start the application.

You need to be an authorised signatory on your company’s business account mandate in order to fill out this form. As a representative of your company you will need to provide the required personal information for both the individuals you wish to give access to, as well as the authorising signatories required to approve it as per your mandate rules.

The information you will be asked for includes: title, date of birth, address, mobile number, & business email address.

You need to have all the details pertaining to your Business including Business entity, name, address, & account details.

If you are a Limited Company, Limited Liability Partnership, or Charitable Incorporated Organisation, you will need the details of your chairperson.

Ensure the information you provide in the application is correct as it will be checked against our records. For your security if the details provided don’t match, the application will be rejected. 

How do I fill in the Online Banking registration form?

Find out more about how to fill in the Online Banking registration form through this FAQ.

What happens after I submit my application?

When you click submit, your nominated authorising signatories and any additional delegated authorites will receive an email from Adobe e-Sign containing a summary of the application, the T&Cs, and requesting they provide their digital approval or consent, respectively.

I’ve e-signed the application but when I clicked ‘submit’ I got a pop up message saying that the application has been amended and to reload it?

This is because another one of the approvers or delegate authorities has signed the document at the same time. Click reload, you will see the other individual’s signature; e-sign the document again and click submit.

I have submitted my application, how do I track its progress?

The application submitter will receive notifications when each party signs.

If one of the parties hasn't signed, they will receive weekly emails reminding them to do so - the application will expire after 90 days.

Once all approvers have signed you do not need to take any further action.

The process should take aroud a week. If you have any concerns about your application please call us on 03457 114 477 and quote your application reference number. 

The information provided in the application will be checked against our records and if it doesn't match the business will be contacted by letter letting you know what the remedial action required is.

What happens if I have provided inaccurate information?

Your application will unfortunately be rejected and you will receive a letter which will explain the reason of the rejection and how to proceed. Once you have updated your business details with us you will be able to reapply.

I have received a letter stating that my application has been rejected, what should I do?

The letter will let you know what actions are required from you, follow the instructions contained in the letter. If you have any queries relating to the contents of the letter please check the Support Centre FAQs on our website, contact our support team via webchat, or call us on 03457 114 477.

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