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What happens if I want to cancel an Instalment Plan?

You can cancel a plan at any time with no extra charges or fees. As soon as you cancel, you won’t be charged any more Instalment Plan fees but the remaining balance will then become subject to your standard interest rate.

If you decide to cancel, any previous monthly fees that you’ve already paid won’t be refunded.

You can easily cancel Instalment Plans by selecting the Instalment Plan in the Instalment plan hub.

Please note it can take up to 2 working days but it cancelled immediately in your Mobile App.

Please note if you have set up a direct debit to pay your Instalment Plan, depending on the timing of when you cancel your plan it might adjust your direct debit, if you’ve got any questions around this, please message us via your mobile app or call us on: 0370 333 9091

Can I change my Instalment Plan term or its name?

Unfortunately not, if your plan no longer suits your needs you can cancel the plan at any point. The purchase or expired 0% balance transfer will then be subject to your standard interest rate.