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Yes you can, but first you'll need to clear your remaining credit card balance. This is to make sure you pay off balances with higher interest rates first.

Once that's cleared, any additional repayments you make will go towards paying off your Instalment Plans.

Please note your instalment plan will be paid off before any transactions you have made, but which are not yet showing on your monthly statement.

How can I pay my monthly Instalment Plan payments?

You can pay your instalment plan in the following ways:

  • Set up a direct debit to include your monthly minimum payment plus Instalment Plan
  • Log into the mobile app and select ‘make a payment’
  • Log into Online Banking and select ‘payment and transfers’

What happens if I underpay my Instalment Plan?

"If you don’t pay / pay less than your Instalment Plan Payment, any unpaid monthly payments will be moved onto your main credit card balance and will subject to your standard purchase rate of interest, which is higher than your Instalment Plan fee. We will send you an email or letter to advise if you have missed a payment.

If you miss / underpay two Instalment Plan payments, your Plan will be cancelled and the remaining balance will be moved onto your main credit card balance and be subject to your standard purchase rate, which is higher than your Instalment Plan fee.

Missing / underpaying the monthly instalment plan payment will not incur a fee or affect your credit rating. You must, however, ensure that you pay the contractual minimum monthly payment on your credit card statement. Failure to do so will incur a fee and could adversely impact your credit file.

What happens if I can't afford my Instalment Plan Payment?

If you can’t afford your Instalment Plan payment, you should cancel your Instalment Plan. If you are having financial difficulties or have any queries regarding your account, please call us on: 0370 333 90911 (Relay UK: 18001 0370 907 0010).

Please note that once a plan is cancelled, you will not be able to set up a plan for the same transaction(s) again.

What is my Instalment Plan payment?

You’ll see 'Instalment Plan payment' whenever we’re talking about your total monthly payment for all your Instalment Plans. Paying it will clear your monthly Instalment Plan payments, including the fee for each plan, over the length of time you have chosen.

What is Instalment Plan + Spend on my credit card statement made up of?

"Instalment Plan + Spend" on your credit card statement is your total outstanding credit card balance, excluding any Instalment Plan payments due in future months.

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