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Mozilla has recently implemented a change to its Firefox web browser called ‘Enhanced Tracking Protection’ (ETP) which gives the end-user more choices when it comes to how web content is delivered. One of these enhancements is the ability to opt in or out of certain services which can identify individual web browsers and how they behave across different websites.

We make use of these types of services for many purposes including:

  • Delivery of content that is tailored and relevant to the user
  • Management of system performance
  • Detection and prevention of fraud and financial crime

A change was made to the latest versions of Firefox (from version 72) that means Mozilla Firefox’s ETP service identifies a particular system that helps us secure our Online Banking customers and comply with our PSD2 (Payment Services Directive) regulatory obligations. For this service to perform normally, we highly recommend that our web page be ‘whitelisted’ in Firefox so that it performs as designed.

How do I unblock these services?

You can whitelist these Online Banking features in Firefox by clicking on the shield icon next to the address bar and turning ‘Enhanced Tracking Protection’ off for (opens in a new window).

If I continue to block these services can I still access Online Banking?

Yes, you will still be able to access your account but certain content may not function as expected. We do not recommend blocking any of the services on our web page or Online Banking.

Does NatWest sell my data to other organisations?

No, NatWest does not sell your data to other organisations.

Where can I find your privacy policy?

You can find more information on our dedicated privacy policy page (opens in a new window).

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