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Why can't I see the Spending tab in my mobile app?

If you can't see Spending, please first ensure you are using the most recent version of our mobile app. Once you are on the most up-to-date version, if you are over 16 years old and hold a personal current account, savings account or credit card, you will see the Spending tab appear in the menu at the bottom of your mobile app's home screen. Please note: Credit cards are available for customers aged over 18 only.

Spending is not currently available for non-personal accounts, and transactions on business accounts and accounts with other banks are not currently included.

Where can I find help for questions I have on Spending?

If you need help, just tap on 'Help' and then "Chat to Cora", where you can enter any questions you may have, and an answer will be provided to you via our Secure Messaging service as soon as possible.

You can also access our Frequently Asked Questions on Spending, which are available on the support centre section of our website.

What if I receive an error message when using or setting up Spending?

If you are having issues using Spending, close down your app, and try again later.

Why are transactions from one or more of my accounts not showing in Spending?

Spending will be managed based on transactions on all of your personal current accounts, savings accounts and credit cards that you opt to include in Spending when you set it up. If transactions from one or more accounts are missing, then you may have opted not to include this account.

You can amend which accounts are included at any time in the Spending settings section, and selecting 'choose accounts'.

Transactions from business accounts and accounts with other banks are not currently included within this feature.

If I need to re-register for the mobile app, will I have to set up Spending again?

If you need to re-register for the app (for example if you have a new mobile device), you will need to go through the setup process again for Spending, but once this is complete, it will be just as you left it, including any re-categorisation, budgets you have set, and insights that relate to them.

How do I make a complaint about Spending?

If you are not satisfied with the Spending feature, and wish to make a formal complaint, just search 'complaint' on our website, to access our online form, or details of the other ways you can contact us to do this. You will also have the option to speak to our complaints team via WebChat (available Monday to Saturday 8am-5.30pm). You must be an active Online Banking customer to raise a complaint via WebChat.

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