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Tap to Call is a new feature provided by Cora in our App and via "Chat to Cora", where customers are transferred to the right telephony team with their authentication fast tracked in a seamless journey.

Is Tap to Call secure?

Yes - Tap to Call ensures any customer data that is passed from our mobile platform to our telephony platform, is encrypted.

Why is the Tap to Call number long and includes commas?

Tap to call uses an encryption method between the app and our telephony infrastructure, to ensure customer details are kept safe and secure. The extra digits and commas are part of the technical design and encryption of these details.

Why am I not given the option for Tap to Call?

Tap to Call technology is still being rolled out across our teams, if it’s available in that team based on your enquiry, then Cora will provide the button for Tap to Call. If it’s not available she will provide a number to call.

What are the Tap to Call numbers?

Due to the type of encryption needed, we have created a new telephone number for Tap to Call but don’t worry when using it, as Cora will still get you to the right team.

Tap to Call number is:
NatWest: 0345 835 1251
NatWest Premier: 0345 835 1255

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