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Why are there no insights relating to transactions from one or more of my accounts?

The insights on your newsfeed will be produced based on transactions on all of your accounts that you opted to include in Spending when you set it up. If transactions from one or more accounts are missing, then you may have opted not to include the account(s).

You can amend which accounts are included at any time in the Spending settings section, and selecting 'choose accounts'.

Transactions from business accounts and accounts with other banks are not currently included within Spending. We are working on adding other types of transactions in the future.

What is your Newsfeed?

Using your Newsfeed

How do I stop insights appearing in my Newsfeed?

Your Newsfeed will be refreshed with insights as they become available based on your account activity, to help you understand your spending habits and your performance against your budgets. If you opt to dismiss any of these messages, the same insight will not resurface again for a period of one month.

If I dismiss an insight on my Newsfeed in error, can I get it back again?

If you dismiss an insight from your newsfeed, you will not see it again until the insight is next applicable for you.

What if I think the information in my Newsfeed is incorrect?

The information in your Newsfeed is a reflection of the spending on your current accounts that you opted to include when you set up Spending. If you have received an insight stating you are under or over budget in a specific category, and you do not believe this to be correct, then you may wish to review your spending, and re-categorise any transactions that you do not wish to be included for this category.

Why hasn't my Newsfeed been updated?

If you make changes within Spending, such as recategorising a transaction or amending your budget amounts, your Newsfeed will be updated next time you log into the app. Sometimes this can take a few minutes, whilst we work out the numbers for you.

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