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The Categories tab in Spending automatically categorises your transactions into eleven predetermined categories, where you will have the option to set budgets to help you manage your finances.

The categories are:

  • Bills
  • Home & Garden
  • Eating Out
  • Transport
  • Shopping
  • Entertainment
  • Health & Beauty
  • Groceries
  • Income
  • Other
  • Transfers
  • Uncategorised

The names of these categories cannot be amended, and you cannot create any additional categories. However you can move any fully cleared transactions from one category to another whenever you need to.

When recategorising a transaction, you will be presented with an option to also re-categorise similar previous transactions, and for Spending to remember this change for all future transactions. This will make the experience more personal to you, meaning you get the view of your monthly spending that helps you the most.

How do I move transactions from one category to another?

To move transactions between categories, just follow these instructions:

  1. Select the transaction you wish to amend.
  2. Select 'change category'.
  3. Select the category that you wish that transaction to sit in.
  4. Select the back icon.

Can one transaction be split across two different categories?

No. Each individual transaction can only be applied to one category.

How do I re-categorise a pending transaction?

You cannot re-categorise pending transactions until they are fully cleared in your account.

Why can't I see a transaction in the category I expected it to be?

If you are unable to locate a specific transaction, you may wish to check your other categories to see if it has been categorised somewhere other than where you expected. Once you have located it, you can recategorise the transaction by selecting it and choosing your preferred category. By re-categorising transactions into the categories you want them to show up in, Spending will learn from this, to become more personal over time.

If I receive a refund from a retailer / merchant, how will this transaction be categorised?

Any credit applied to your account would automatically be categorised under Income, irrespective of the source. You can go into your Income category and manually re-categorise this transaction into any other desired category. The transaction will not display any indication that it is a credit as opposed to a debit, but your category total will take this into account.

Why are transactions made on American Express displaying in the Other category?

Transactions made using an American Express card will automatically be categorised into Other.

Once the transaction has been fully posted, you will have the option to recategorise this into whichever category suits you best.

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