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What is a trial, introductory or promotional period?

Many retailers give the opportunity to buy or use a product or service free, or at a reduced price, for a particular period of time in order to encourage customers to buy. These offers are a great way to try out goods or services prior to fully committing or alternatively controlling how long you want to use them for, as most can be cancelled at any time.

Are these offers safe?

While offering a free trial is perfectly legal, it is important to be vigilant about the offer as the fine print can sometimes end up with payments debiting you may not be aware of. It's important to understand how free trial offers work to be mindful of malpractice activity by less than honest business practices.

What should I do?

It is always best to contact the retailer first as in most cases they can cancel and sometimes offer refunds if goods and services have not been used. If retailers do not assist, the bank can support you by cancelling future transactions and in some cases claim back funds if these were ‘misrepresented’ when sold.

If you need further support with transactions like these, please visit our Card Payment Help page (opens in a new window).

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