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If you live in England, Scotland or Wales you can check if you are on the electoral register by contacting your Electoral Registration Office (opens in a new window).

If you live in Northern Ireland, you can check this by contacting The Electoral Office for Northern Ireland (opens in a new window).

The address that you are registered at on the electoral register should ideally be the same as the address held by your lender(s).

How do I sign up to the Electoral Register?

Further information on how to register to vote at your current address can be found on the Government website (opens in a new window).

What is the Electoral Register?

The Electoral Register is a list of all people that are registered to vote. By law, you must be on the electoral register, even if you aren't planning to vote.

Getting on the register can benefit you - from helping you protect your identity to increasing your chances of getting credit.

Please note that who you vote for doesn’t impact your credit score.

Why does being registered on the Electoral Register impact my credit score?

The Electoral Register is used to confirm both your name and address, so if you’re not registered your credit application could be delayed or you might even be turned down. The length of time you have been on the electoral register is a good way of showing that you are at a stable address.

Please note that who you vote for doesn’t impact your credit score.

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