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I get an error message when applying

Please see our FAQ I get an error message when trying to apply for an account online, what should I do?

If I apply for a current account again will I be credit checked?

A credit check is completed with every new application. However, if you complete more than one application on the same day, only one credit search will be applied to your credit report.

I am an existing customer - why have I been asked to provide ID for my current account application?

Sometimes, we are required to re-verify the identity of our existing customers in order to comply with banking regulations. If you are an existing customer and you have received a request to upload documents using our security partners HooYu or DigiDocs, your account application will not be completed until you do this.

What documents do you accept for my current account application?

Please visit this page to see the ID requirements for opening a new bank account: ID requirements (opens in a new window)

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