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An overlimit fee of £12 is applied to your account when you go over your agreed credit limit by more than £12 in any one statement period. The fee will appear on the next statement.

The fee can be avoided by making regular checks on the amount of available credit. This can be seen through Online Banking or on the Mobile app. You can also find out this information by calling our automated service on 0370 333 9091. Please be aware that you can go over your limit through incurring the regular interest applied to your outstanding balance on the card or through any cash advances taken. 

In order to help manage staying within your limit and help to monitor your spend on a credit card there is functionality that allows you to set spend limits. You can do this under 'Manage my Card' and then 'Spend Budgets' on the mobile app. We will then alert you when you reach the limit you have set. 

It should also be noted that any overlimit fees can be referenced on your Credit File and therefore might impact your ability to gain credit in the future.

Like all the fees and charges that apply to using a credit card, this fee is outlined in your Terms and Conditions that would have been sent to you when we sent you your card. To make it a little easier we also add a summary of the fees and charges on the back of your Credit Card Statement or, if you have opted for paperless statements, it is available as a download in the statement section in app or Online Banking.

If you have a credit card that we no longer offer, different fees and charges may apply. If you would like further information on the fees and charges that will apply to your credit card or would like to find out why a fee or a charge has been applied to your account please Contact Us.

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