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A Cash Advance Fee is applied to all transactions where cash has been withdrawn from your credit card account. This also includes where you have transferred money from your credit card to your bank account (this is sometimes referred to as a Money Transfer).  

The charge for using this feature on the card is 3% of the amount of cash that you withdraw or transfer (with a minimum of a £3 fee). It is also important to note that interest for taking cash out on a credit card is incurred from the day you withdraw it, rather than after the next payment date as per other types of transactions.

All gambling transactions are considered to be Cash Advances and therefore treated in the same way. This can include transactions such as buying food at a casino or a quick flutter on the Grand National. 

If you have a credit card that we no longer offer, different fees and charges may apply. If you would like further information on the fees and charges that will apply to your credit card or would like to find out why a fee or a charge has been applied to your account please contact us on the number on our Contact Us page.

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