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Yes, you can use the mobile app to make an international payment to someone new. Please follow these instructions:

  1. On the home screen tap 'Payments' at the bottom of your screen.
  2. Make sure the account shown is set to the account where you want to make the payment from. You can swipe to change accounts or tap 'Change account'.
  3. Select 'Send money' then 'Send money abroad'.
  4. Select 'Choose who to pay'
  5. Select recipient - 'Pay someone new'

Pay Someone New selected

  1. Select country and then Currency
  2. Key the amount in either foreign currency or GBP as you prefer and select calculate rate
  3. Choose Payment type and Fees
  4. Input Recipient’s details (Payee’s full name/ Account details/Reference/Recipient’s bank details/Recipients address/Other details)
  5. Select purpose of payment, review messages and select continue
  6. If required, complete Biometric approval
  7. Check the payment details and Continue
  8. Review payment & select 'Make Payment'
  9. Accept Terms & Conditions
  10. The screen will then confirm your payment has been arranged

If you have not registered your biometrics with the Bank, to ensure your money is safe, we will sometimes ask you to authorise a payment using Face ID/Touch ID on iOS, fingerprint on Android or your app passcode.

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